Brands We Love: Good Uncle


Good Uncle is an exciting technology startup taking the best dishes from famous restaurants– including some of my favorite from here in NYC– and making them available on college campuses.  Diners order on a streamlined app that tells the story behind each offering, its then made from scratch in the Good Uncle kitchen and right into their delivery van.

good uncle logo

Having had a successful trial run disrupting the local food delivery industry at Syracuse University, expansion has begun with University of Delaware open for orders and Maryland (GO TERPS!) next to go live.  Good Uncle operates their concept by partnering with the best brands, executing their dishes to perfection, and delivering them hot– managing every step of the process.


Four of their stalwarts are venerable NYC institutions.   Joe’s Pizza would probably win a poll of New Yorkers’s on best slice in the city.  Ess-a-Bagel’s Bacon, Egg and Cheese is in the conversation for world’s best breakfast sandwich.  In terms of chicken fingers, its tough to beat Sticky’s Finger Joint– uniquely meaty, while still fried. #7 Sub uses different ingredients than typical to make sandwiches, already with some classics of their own invention.

good uncle pin

Wiley Cerilli founded SinglePlatform, another startup that sold to Constant Contact.  There he met Matt Doumar.  These two would go on to build the team and raise the funds to take a great idea into a functioning business, as co-Founders of Good Uncle.


They brought on Executive Vice President of Operations James Gallagher to help take this brand national.  I will be looking forward to watching Good Uncle continue to grow.

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