Burgerati Chronicles: Bar Sardine


The Burgerati got together to taste what has fast become a neighborhood standard.  Bar Sardine has been generating buzz for their Fedora Burger since opening.  Interestingly enough there is no burger presently on the menu at Fedora, their sister restaurant next door.  Another burger is served across the street at Perla Cafe the restaurants third establishment on the corner of W10 and W4.  And just down W 4 are two more excellent establishments from the same group.  Little Wisco has made a huge mark along W 4 with Joseph Leonard (choice late night burger) and Jeffery’s Grocery at the intersection of Waverly, just south of Fedora, Bar Sardine and Perla Cafe at W 10.


Below is the Fedora Burger review of real estate attorney Patrick Doyle, who I am hosting a First Time Buyers Seminar along with a Mortgage Broker from Wells Fargo on April 1st at Noon catered by L’Apicio at TOWN Astor Place.

“The Fedora Burger from Bar Sardine was universally enjoyed.  The word “slander” was thrown around with respect to your treatment of it, (redacted).  Libel might be more appropriate, but the point is a good one, as the burger was objectively delicious.

The chuck and brisket patty featured a somehow-creamy cheddar, a smoky aioli, light-brine pickles and some thin, super-crispy potato sticks.  Mid-rare was necessary with the brisket adding unique taste.  The bun was a mashed and toasted brioche.   Tasty and held up great.
A remarkable burg from start to finish, and the vibe and service in Bar Sardine were great.  Really enjoyable evening all around.”

Please note the redacted party was not present for said burger consumption.

Looking forward to their next spot!

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