Burgerati Chronicles: Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs


On a truly magical Tribeca block of West Broadway between Duane and Thomas boasting other Tribeca staples like Edwards, The Odeon, The Bennett, Sushi of Gari, and of coarse the Balloon Saloon; inside of a 3-story townhouse, lies Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs.   Its maybe Matt Ambramcyk pinacle of design, and that’s saying something, he has done some pretty incredible spaces.  He even took the flag from behind the DJ both at Beatrice and adorned it in all its inked glory behind glass at Tiny’s.  The sunny front room is ideal for lunch, and the backroom with fireplace is a regular on the city’s most romantic lists.  The masonic themed Bar Upstairs gave me my start in mixology when I had the distinct pleasure of concocting drinks during the opening few months.  I even did so to my lover and life partner Kerre Toskovich, providing bread for an over-served (elsewhere) actress she was dealing with during her talent rep days.


The third floor, which was an “office” during my time, is now amongst the best private dining rooms in the city.  It was here that the Burgerati gathered for our first female-integrated event, the Inaugural Holiday Brunch. Decorated to the 9’s, INSIDE the third floor felt like a winter wonderland… and it was snowing OUTSIDE.  4 hours was hardly enough time to enjoy such a beautiful space.  Mingling and merrymaking was interrupted by the main event– THE BURGER.

A 30 day dried aged ribeye blend was nicely seasoned and cooked to medium rare perfection with butter poached onions, dijonaise and melted cowtipper cheese, held together on a sesame seed bun.


Also highly touted that day was the turkey chili, which is really more of a turkey soup; and it is uniquely scrumptious.  Dark meat from local young turkey shines along with organic beans roasted poblano peppers, cilantro and lime.

My favorite Ambramcyk burger has to be at Warren 77, with its two patty potato bun delight.  Matt also serves a great burger at Navy in SoHo, as well as the newly opened Yses, right next door to Smith and Mills on North Moore.


But his most exciting project on the horizon might not even be a second-go at the Superlinda space.  In fact, its his quietly buzzing rock and roll hotel, the Gowanus Inn and Yard, that is expected to draw performers to an MTV unplugged-esque sunken living room, curated by people-mover Theodore Perweiler.

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