Brands We Love: y7


Vogue does a pretty good job characterizing fashion and they called it “Yoga for people who put on Gansta Rap and handle it.”  Yes, what we are seeing happening at y7 is more akin to Public School than it is to Prada.  Candlelit, fast-pace yoga with loud beats. Kerre had been going to their second floor studio on the corner of Crosby and Broome since it opened.  But for me, it took a 3rd ACL tear– adding football to basketball and lacrosse.  So I’m entering my 3rd retirement. Depending on sport, I would far rather mix it up in Under Armour or rocking the swoosh. (#BRANDS) Whereas yoga, especially in a thermal heated studio such as y7, all black lululemon would be my preference here.
With 4 locations in NYC, 1 in BK and another in West Hollywood; they’ve not yet officially blown up.  It seems that they’ve got the grassroots groundswell that only comes from growing organically… that they could, probably will, blow the damn roof off soon.  The Brand is just too good.  I’m definitely not the first to write about it.  Their use of the hands-together and sweat emojis as integral parts of their brand is on point.
Here’s why I like from a workout perspective:  For people like me who can get a little bored during more traditional yoga, the classes are generally kept at a more reasonable length. The speed of the movement also keeps me focused.  And the heat, darkness and music allow me to do my thing in my own space.

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