Burgerati Chronicles: Nomad Bar

The Nomad Hotel will forever be famous for establishing the name of the neighborhood.  And its not going anywhere.  Along with the Ace Hotel, which came first, and Richard Branson’s Virgin Hotel that’s on the horizon, a two-blocks stretch of Broadway that still boasts quite a many electronics and perfume shops is home to two, soon to be three, of the best boutique hotels in the city.


The Restaurant at the Nomad from Will Guidara and Daniel Humm, who form a front-of-the-house // back-of-the-house combo the likes of which NYC has not seen since Danny Meyer and Tom Colicchio teamed up at Gramercy Tavern.   Just as Guider and Humm’s  11 Madison Park– all of the Nomad Hotel’s offerings are world class.  The restaurant has a main dining room with two smaller rooms that flank it, along with a bar room and a library off the bar.  Unlike these, the Nomad Bar can be accessed only via entrance on 28th Street away from the hotels main entrance on Broadway.  There is also a roof and intimate cupola for private events and the most special dinners.


The Nomad Bar is built around a long bar with a rail that sets its limit as one deep from the stools, allowing for it to be comfortably so.  The bar area boasts double height ceilings with dining tables around it on the first floor and second floor looking down into the illuminated bottles.  The bar is on stage here, cocktails are a focal point and strongly executed upon.

article-nomad-bar-nyc-diningThe service was top notch throughout the evening.  Like the main restaurant, the service was worthy of a Michelin star.  And if burgers could be Michelin-starred standing on their own right, you’d have to break it out for this one– delectible from bun to beef.    Similar to Minetta Tavern, the blend features bone marrow.  Unlike anywhere I’ve ever heard, it also uses Suet.  The Pat LaFrieda chuck is dry-aged with meat butter and blended at a quarter fat.  Adorned only with melted white cheddar and a special sauce, it sits on a soft pan-flashed, sesame-crusted bun.

img_7754The rest of the menu is elevated bar food all around.  An award-winning Humm dog, which is a version of the one he created for PDT and Criff Dog’s, was a standout.  Another concept managed as part of the hotel is opening next door to the Nomad Bar.

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