Brands We Love: SOUL CYCLE

For all the SOUL CYCLE virgins out there, surely I have spread word of this incredible workout to you as if it were gospel.  Now you can come see what its all about ON ME tomorrow Friday August 15 at 5:30pm with Paige in the SoHo studio at 45 Crosby, just above Broome.  Veterans welcome too! Please email me at to confirm your bike.  PAIGE-LG-2.png

For those already sipping the KoolAid, Paige’s gypsy SOUL will keep the pace fast and the beat rocking.  Her bike presence was honed on the stage, as a trained dancer and singer.  She is one of many solid instructors you can find in SoHo, which is the home studio of the brand’s biggest star Akin.  Repped by IMG Models, Akin has given up life on the professional tennis circuit and leads an astounding number SOUL sessions– routinely doing 5-7 per day… on the bike… the entire time.


The first SOUL CYCLE opened on the Upper West Side in 2006. By the time I moved to the city four years later, there were three.  Their two-studio flagship had just opened at 101 Warren and West, which is not coincidentally directly across the street from me now and MY home studio– featuring heavy doses of Charlee, Rique and String.   And Union Square, which was just up the street from where I then lived in the village.  Sweating by candlelight while dancing to the beat?  I was in!  It didn’t hurt that back then, the ratio was leaning heavily female. But it took an ACL surgery and the end to an illustrious rec-league basketball/football career, before I started riding consistently about a year ago.

This was also around the time that SOUL CYCLE was rumored to be going public.  Currently owned by Equinox, The SOUL founder recently left the company.  And without them, the brand has ramped up expansion and grown rapidly over the last year, up to 62 Studios along each coast of the US.  They release a new line of edgy athletic apparel monthly using their instructors as models and ambassadors that must be quite lucrative.  The culture within the organization seems like a wonderful working atmosphere for the employees, which the clients clearly appreciate.  With an IPO now imminent, it has been interesting to watch how this unique fitness offering has developed a following in less metropolitan cities, where $34 classes are not the norm.  After a decade, there does not seem to be rider fatigue in terms of growing bored with the workout.  Quite the opposite: the more you ride, the more you want to ride.  And I expect investors to bank on that loyalty.

I hope to see you TOMORROW!!!

soul cycle


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