Brands We Love: Sabah

I wore Sabah’s for the first time 3 summers ago.  My brand new black leather Sabahs debuted at a wedding and have rarely left my feet since. The versatility of the shoe is like none other that I have ever worn. It is can be dressed up or down and makes me feel comfortable and fashionable everywhere I go.

sabah 1

By showcasing the Turkish artisans and craftsmen behind the product, Ashmore has created a brand any young creative would aspire to.  He managed to build it with an aire of mysterious and an unlikely path from travel writer to hedge-funder to becoming the Sabah Dealer.
sabah 3
Mickey Ashmore, founder of Sabah Shoes, at home. Photo credit: Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times

Six years ago, Mickey Ashmore was working for Microsoft, and living in Istanbul, Turkey.  According to him, he “met a beautiful woman who gave me a pair of traditional Turkish leather slippers. I had no idea those slippers would change my life.”

After having created his own personal customized shoes from shoemakers in Gaziantep, Turkey and given them to friends and family, Ashmore made a couple of crucial design innovations– the addition of rubber soles, and a less pointed tip; and by 2013, the Sabah (“morning” in Turkish) was being sold from his townhouse in the East Village.

sabah 4
Sabahs. Photo courtesy of the New York Times
Unlike footwear made by machines, Sabahs are not intended to be disposable, or to  become obsolete. Each pair is fashioned using natural, unfinished leathers, completely by hand by expert craftsman whose families have been doing this work for generations at an ancient Turkish bazaar.
sabah 6coolhunting
The shoe comes in a wide variety of colors and color combinations, but only one style (to date…)

Catch Mickey “selling” them at a Sabah Sunday at his East Village townhouse to pop-ups all over the world.  By bringing people together, Sabah has become a lifestyle brand.  He features his and other Sabah wearers’ travels on the gram.

Sabahs. Photo courtesy of
Limiting the supply has allowed Ashmore to illuminate the true value of his product, maintaining brand integrity with quality control and coaxing just a bit of magic out of the process. By welcoming you into his home, you walk out in more than just the leather slip on shoe, but a community.
sabah 8 purewow
Photo courtesy of
sabah 11 shulmansays
Photo courtesy of
 Sabahs can be purchased in-person from the Sabah House at 211 E 12th Street in New York City, from 10AM to 2PM and 4PM to 8PM every Wednesday & Thursday, as well as from 12 to 6PM every Friday through Sunday. No appointments are required. Sabah also accepts email and phone orders at (646) 864 0790.  Please refer to the  for further instructions, sizing guidance and colors.

For all other inquiries, please contact the Sabah Dealer:

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