Burgerati Chronicles: Peter Luger’s

This month (last year) the Burgeratti made a long-overdue pilgrimage to experience the Luger’s Lunch Burger. Peter Luger, a German entrepreneur, established what would become Peter Luger Steak House in 1887, as Carl Luger’s Cafe, Billiards, and Bowling Alley, named for his nephew Carl that manned the kitchen. Fast forward over a century and Peter Luger Steak House is an iconic fixture that has topped Zagat’s list of New York steak houses for 30 years in a row.

View of the Williamsburg Savings Bank Building and Peter Luger Steak House from the Williamsburg Bridge.

Located adjacent to the Williamsburg Savings Bank Building, and about a block from the Williamsburg Bridge, which the restaurant predates by a decade, Luger’s is known for its porterhouse (our appetizer), which is broiled/ sliced/ and broiled again– a tactic pioneered by Luger.

Nwaka peepin’.

I ordered mine with cheese, a slab of bacon and a plate on the side of onions and tomatoes.

Luger’s Lunch Burger with a slab of bacon.

And there is nothing to criticize (other than the fact you can only get it for lunch). The juicy beef, broiled at 800 degrees, sits on a sturdy sesame seed bun. It’s a relatively recent addition to the menu, having arrived in the mid 1990s in response to demand from regulars, though the overall experience at Luger’s has an old timey feel to it. It’s a place frozen in time, with an all time burger.

We were welcoming a new member so naturally we had him take a picture of the four established burgeratti brethren, but the Ponz didn’t take too kindly to that.

Panza, after being hazed for the entirety of his first burger with the boys, is made to take a picture of us, and this ensues.


The burger brothers descent on Brooklyn for New York City’s meat mecca

After the meal, like true burgaholics, we headed over to Teddy’s; also opened in 1887,it claims to be the longest operating bar in the nabe affectionately referred to as the ‘burg. The first thing to appear on their menu is the burger section– we like that– and we loved their burger.

The Burg at Teddy’s.

Just look at that cross section!!! Despite talk of an only-once-before-accomplished third burg, it was back over the bridge on citibikes.

And then you bike back over the bridge and TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF.


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